[cc65] posix directory routienes...

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From: Groepaz (groepaz_at_gmx.net)
Date: 2003-02-27 05:22:58

morning :=)

another latenite hack... i've knocked up the opendir/readdir/etc pp stuff, 
have a look at dirtest.c on the ftp... its basically complete and working, 
except that it is currently using cbm_open/red etc instead of open/read due 
to the usr-file problem (is that fixed in latest snapshot? i have to admit 
that the one i am using is some weeks old :=)). also some minor things are 
missing (and others untested)... however its a start :)

if someone feels like shaping this up so it can be dropped into the library 
let me know, i'd rather like to continue with tetris (and its enough to list 
the joystickdrivers there for that matter hehe) =)

have fun...

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