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From: Tommy Watt (
Date: 2003-03-16 20:28:43

Finally got PPP development underway?  Maybe my project can be restored
afterall?  I've been long waiting for an multitasking OS, with PPP
support and programs can be compiled with cc65.  I hope this is it! :)
How long until PPP is ready do you think?



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Subject: [cc65] The Contiki Desktop OS for cc65

Hi cc65 people!

I am very glad to be able to present the first version of the
cross-platform, open-source, Internet-enabled Contiki operating system
and desktop environment for cc65. Contiki was originally intended for
the the Commodore 64, but thanks to the cc65 cross-platform abilities
also runs on the VIC-20, CBM PET, Plus/4, Atari 8-bit and the Nintendo
Entertainment System (NES). Ports to the 8-bit Apple ][, Atari Jaguar,
and a bunch of other platforms are under development. This first version
of Contiki contains the following:

* Multitasking kernel.
* Windowing system with themeable GUI toolkit.
* Screensaver.
* TCP/IP networking with RS-232/SLIP or Ethernet (PPP support is under
* Personal web server for convenient file transfers (currently only on
  C64/TFE systems).
* Simple Telnet client (instead of the web server on RS232-systems)
* Web browser (world's first true web browser for 8-bit systems!).

Everything is fully multitasking and does not require any loading of
programs. Contiki does not require a disk drive or any other form of
mass-storage devices, which means that it is useful both for disk drive
owners and tape users. Contiki is written almost entirely in C and
should work on most systems for which a cc65 target exists.

See the Contiki web site for more information, a FAQ, lots of
screenshots and for downloading the binaries or the source code:

Contiki was written in the C programming language by me (Adam Dunkels)
with encouragement, suggestions and support from Ullrich von Bassewitz.
The VIC-20 port has been made in cooperation with Anders Carlsson, the
Atari 8-bit port in cooperation with Christian Groessler, and the NES
port together with Groepaz/Hitmen. Chris Morse is currently working on
the Apple ][ port and Matthias Domin is working on the Atari Jaguar
port. Lawrence Chitty is working on PPP support and on porting Contiki
to the Sharp Wizard PDA, Fabio Fumi is porting selected parts of Contiki
to the Casio PocketViewer, and James Dessart is porting Contiki to the
Tandy CoCo. Mikael Backlund has drawn the Contiki desktop icons. Huge
thanks to all for making this possible!

Adam Dunkels <>

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