[cc65] Atari version of Contiki 1.0 web browser finished

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From: Christian Groessler (chris_at_groessler.org)
Date: 2003-03-16 15:50:40


you can find it on

It currently only supports the 850 serial interface.

Since it loads very low in memory, a special loader DOS is needed, and
it won't work from e.g. SpartaDOS or AtariDOS.

Some things of the C64 version are missing (e.g. frames support),
because the memory is still very tight.

On the ftp site there are bootable images and the sources/diffs for
Contiki 1.0 and the MyPicoDOS 3.0 loader.

Thanks to Adam Dunkels for the Contiki browser and network stack, and
to Matthias Reichl for MyPicoDOS.


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