Re: [cc65] non-ANSI extensions and initialized structures

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From: Maciej Witkowiak (
Date: 2003-03-15 23:46:28

Ullrich von Bassewitz dnia 15 mar 2003 o 14:01 +0100 napisa³:
> > (myIcon1, myIcon2 and myIconTable won't be used anymore).
> And the worst thing is that it doesn't even work:-)

It worked with the thing I had here. Not v2.9.0 but probably some later
snapshot from cvs (January?).

> Now, since the error in the compiler is fixed, the compiler complains
> (correctly) about the mismatch between the struct and the data used to
> initialize it. The obvious solution is to fix the struct definition in
> gstruct.h.

And I have done it just a minute ago. I don't know if it should go to 2.9.x
bugfix release because it didn't work with 2.9.0 I had here, it works with
todays snapshot.


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