Re: [cc65] char-copy and interrupts (C64)

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From: Tim Schürmann (
Date: 2003-03-15 17:08:34


Ullrich von Bassewitz schrieb:

> I would just disable interrupts using SEI/CLI:
>         SEI ();
>         ((unsigned char*) 0x0001) &= 0xFB;
>         memcpy (tobla, fromblubb, ((256*8)*2));
>         ((unsigned char*) 0x0001) |= 0x04;
>         CLI ();

Thanks for your help. I'm now using the solution above.

Now, i have another problem: after switching to the upper memory, cursor(1) has
a strange behavior. On each screen-position it shows a diffrent charcter. Is
this correct or did i something wrong?



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