Re: [cc65] The Contiki Desktop OS for cc65

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From: David Holz (
Date: 2003-03-15 01:56:10

From: "Shawn Jefferson" <>
> Another option, and no disrespect towards Adam and other developers of
Contiki: do we (Atari people, but maybe all 8-bitters) really need a
multitasking environment?  We could compile each app seperately (web
browser, email client, telnet client, web server, etc.) and use some other
means for switching between two or more separate apps (such as Tom Hunt's

If you compile them separately, there will be a large amount of shared code
(both Adam's and the cc65 runtime support) that's duplicated between those
programs, all taking a chunk of memory if you've got a simple task switcher.
The event-response model in Contiki allows each of the programs to share all
of that common code without very much overhead at all.

White Flame (aka David Holz)

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