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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2003-03-14 22:04:12

I took a look at the source for Contiki, and I was thinking about the issue of memory.  Certainly this is going to be a problem even on the C64 very soon (with browser, email, telnet, web server, etc...)  Has anyone thought of a way to deal with this?

Am I correct in saying that each program in Contiki gets a signal from the dispatcher/ek and then does some processing of that and then returns control?  If that is the case, we could swap in each app from extended memory as it is passed a signal.  That might introduce a lot of latency into the system however.

I know nothing about loadable modules (I couldn't figure out exactly what you need to do  to compile a module and load it.)  I wonder if loadable modules could be used to swap parts of the program from extended to regular memory, with some changes?

Another option, and no disrespect towards Adam and other developers of Contiki: do we (Atari people, but maybe all 8-bitters) really need a multitasking environment?  We could compile each app seperately (web browser, email client, telnet client, web server, etc.) and use some other means for switching between two or more separate apps (such as Tom Hunt's Snapshot.)

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