Re: [cc65] char-copy and interrupts (C64)

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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2003-03-14 10:26:51

>>>>> "TS" == Tim Schürmann <> writes:

TS> My question is: which is the best method to do this
TS> interrupt-thing in CC65? Should i use inline-assembler or the
TS> POKE-sequence above (which disables the CIA-timer)?

Either way works. SEI/CLI makes for shorter code though, and at least
I think that's more readable.

TS> I noticed, that CC65 uses interrupts internally (as far as i
TS> remeber for the timer-stuff - is this right?), so when it's save
TS> to call this routine? Is there a C-function, that is doing this
TS> interrupt-stuff already (i'm using CC65 2.9.0)?

6502.h has SEI() and CLI() macros.

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