[cc65] HIMEM used for stack on the c64? (Internal.txt) / moving upper memory down from $CFFF/

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From: Greg Long (greg_at_maneuveringspeed.com)
Date: 2003-03-07 01:34:44

"The program stack used by programs compiled with CC65 is located in
memory.  The stack starts there and grows down.  Arguments to functions,
data etc are allocated on this stack, and deallocated when functions

Am I [mis]interpreting this to mean that on the 64, the program stack
(not the 6510 stack) is placed in HIMEM which is $E000-$FFFF, underneath
the KERNAL ROM?  Or is it rather that it starts at the top of what is
normally the free memory - at $CFFF and grows down.

This raises the question, how can we set this upper $CFFF lower.  This
will be important for our game so that we can use the hi-res screen and
sprite data.

Thanks again for all the help, it's exciting to develop for the 64
again.  It's been a long time.  I did write a "library" sort/print
routine about 11 years ago entirely in Assembly when PaperClip couldn't
hold my growing list of software titles  :)  It was relatively fast used
a binary insert sort, and could store 1400 31col lines, making use of a
lot of RAM. - everything but the 8K underneath the KERNAL.


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