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From: Christian Krüger (
Date: 2003-03-05 10:34:36


> I don't consider C++ worse - it's pretty standard now.
> OSU ( i believe) tried Java for awhile, and no one could
> get jobs because of lack of C++ skills.
> I'm sure with a little bit of learning the rules, I'll be 
> able to write
> C code.
> Still, would be nice to see a C++ compiler for the venerable c64!!!

even when this is getting off topic: Why? The code would be
slower & bigger - so why making a small plattform even smaller?

BTW: C++ is not the solution I'd like to have for an object
oriented programming language, which IMHO should produce fast code
(Java is of course even more worse) and is 'clean & plain' in usage.

There are so many lacks - I've got a personal list of C++ issues
of things which could be done better.. ;^) ..and it's getting
bigger & bigger.
IMHO somebody have to invent a *clean* _and_ fast code producing
OO-language. A 'real' OO-C-successor... not a upward compatibility

Samples? Just think about 'information hiding' and the readability of
protected & private members/functions in 'exported' h-files. Or
constructor independent defaulting of members when declaring them in
the class. Or why is it possible to declare a destructor 'non-virtual'?
See the issues in too 
- it is very insightful...

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