[cc65] using newline in cprintf on c64

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From: Greg Long (greg_at_maneuveringspeed.com)
Date: 2003-03-04 21:58:54

Is there an issue with this?  It seems to skip down to the next line,
without a CR, but text wraps around and does not print properly and
crashes the 6502 (running on Win32 VICE 1.11).

If I substitute a \r for the \n it runs fine and exits normally, but of
course, only overwrites the same line through the whole loop, and does
not go to the new line.  I tried inserting \x0d for a CR and \x11 for a
cursor down to no avail.

thanks to others' help, my code is working well up to this point!

	for(i=0 ; i<size ; ++i)
		unsigned int num = ra[i];
		cprintf("%u) %u\n", i, num);

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