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From: Christian Krüger (
Date: 2003-02-27 15:51:07


> By: Groepaz []
> 20*12 ? uuh :o) what  resolution does the display have then? 
> 160*96 ???

160x102 actually - enough for a portable unit... ;-) 
> tetris actually should "autoadjust" to the screen 
> dimensions.... maybe it 
> needs a little tweak here and there 'coz i have never tested 
> for a screen 
> that small (the 22*23 for vic20 was smallest) but apart from 
> that it should 
> work with no problems. (however 12 chars height is quite 
> little....wonder if 
> playing tetris is acually possible then :=P)

That was my thought too - the reason for my question. Anyhow,
there is already a Tetris for the Lynx but I'm sure the
'building-blocks' are smaller than 8x8 pixels. Beside a smaller
font size, another solution could be the 'rotation of the Lynx':
It's common style for games that need more vertical than horizontal
resolution (i.e. 'Klax','Centipede' or 'Lexis' (also a Tetris clone)
All these games have 102x160 pixels... ;-)

I'm not sure if the rotation should go to 'conio'.
Maybe it should be a #ifdef'ed Lynx-specific call, when porting
your Tetris to the Lynx...

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