Re: [cc65] Lynx target

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From: Christian Groessler (
Date: 2003-02-27 00:46:06

On 02/26/2003 03:28:23 PM PST "Shawn Jefferson" wrote:
>The only problem being that I don't have permission from the original
>author to rerelease his code in a modified form.  I haven't seen any
>license information that says that is possible... so until/unless I
>contact the orginal authors and get their permission to release their
>(ported by me) library code for others to use, I would be the only
>one who could compile it.  I believe I could release binaries created
>with their library, but that isn't much good to you.

How about simply asking the original author?!?
Maybe he even admits redistribution with a cc65 compatible license -
then it could be integrated into cc65...


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