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From: Shawn Jefferson (
Date: 2003-02-26 23:57:08

>>> Groepaz <> 02/26/03 02:44PM >>>

>btw do you have sth like conio already? if not, you can probably port the nes 
>stuff (or maybe better the pce stuff, since it has color support) included in 
>65tris dead easy by just replacing a few core routines (i assume the lynx 
>also has a tile-based screen and can easily handle 256 different tiles, 
>right?).... just curious to see 65tris run in handy :o)

The lynx's screen is not tile based.  The screen display is just a section of memory (anywhere you point it) 8160 bytes long, and there is dedicated sprite hardware that can draw an unlimited amount of sprites into this area.  I'm just porting Bastian Schick's code to work with Ullrich's version of cc65 (which doesn't require much work really) and he already has a textout function for an 8x11 and a 8x8 font (both of which I've ported already and they work.)

I was thinking about your 65tris and possibly trying to get it working on the lynx... that would be a good way to learn more about the system (for me.)

@list: sorry for all the traffic lately and thanks for your help in guiding me toward figuring out my stupid mistakes! :)


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