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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (
Date: 2002-10-22 11:33:53

On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 09:13:51PM -0500, Brian Bagnall wrote:
> It really turns into a pain if I try to address memory higher than the first
> 16kb. Would there be any problems if I changed the START variable in the
> config to $FFF, leaving 2048 kb for a custom character set near the start of
> RAM? From what you described about the basic header, it seems this would not
> conflict with that area.

There won't be any problems. You will have to use a customized startup file
and you won't be able to load your program as a BASIC program and start it
with RUN (you will have to load it as an absolute program and use SYS instead
of RUN). You can also use a BASIC loader that moves the main part of your
program to $1000. All these and even more things are possible with a custom
linker config and startup file.

> Also, you mentioned a graphics package would be included in the next
> release. Would this handle custom character sets, and when do you expect the
> next version to be released?

The graphics package will not be special for the C64, so it will not support
custom character sets. The current driver for the C64 will support one high
res page in 320*200*2 mode with an adjustable palette.

The release date for the next version is currently unknown. I have to solve
two problems before thinking about a release schedule:

  1. I have to solve the compare problem, which is quite some work, since
     problematic code is distributed widely over all sources and the library.

  2. The interface to the graphics driver must be extended so that it survives
     at least one or two more releases without changes, otherwise there will
     be a version chaos.

There are a few other, minor things, but the two mentioned are the most
important ones.

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