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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (
Date: 2002-07-26 21:23:30


On Fri, Jul 26, 2002 at 07:48:59PM +0200, groepaz wrote:
> shouldnt the compiler ignore #pragmas that it doesnt support? (instead
> of issuing an error).... sorry if thats a dumb question, i've never
> used pragmas myself in a portable program before, and didnt stumble
> about any that would cause problems until now either ;=P

The compiler *should* issue a warning, as the following code snippet from
pragma.c shows:

    if (Pragma == PR_ILLEGAL) {
       	/* According to the ANSI standard, we're not allowed to generate errors
       	 * for unknown pragmas, however, we're allowed to warn - and we will
       	 * do so. Otherwise one typo may give you hours of bug hunting...
       	Warning ("Unknown #pragma `%s'", CurTok.Ident);
However, it seems that unknown pragmas are not skipped correctly, so -
depending on the actual pragma - you may get a related error. I will have a
look into the problem on the weekend.

> i remember that theres some problem with the preprocessor, but i am
> unsure if this here is related to those or if its just an unrelated
> bug :o)

It is an unrelated bug:-) Undefined identifiers are not replaced by a numeric
zero in an expression following #if. There is a patch for this on the ftp
server together with a patch for the compare issue you've posted a few days
ago. The "known bugs" has the actual links-

Thanks a lot for the reports!

> btw as a sidenote.... i noticed the frontpage doesnt mention
> "cygwin" in the list of working hosts.... so you can add that it works
> like a charm in win9x-hosted (prolly nt/2000/xp aswell then) cygwin,
> with really minor changes in the gcc-makefiles (some pathes if i
> remember right, eg to let it find perl). compiles without a single
> warning (-O2 -Wall) btw, good job :O)

Added, thanks!



Ullrich von Bassewitz                        
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