Re: [cc65] raw disk access (was: cr/lf translation?)

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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-07-12 14:50:24

Hello MagerValp,

M> Yeah, it's not really a big deal, I was just surprised. And now for
M> something completely different: does anyone have code for raw disk
M> access? Something along the lines of dio.h for the Atari. I just need
M> to read and write raw tracks and sectors, nothing fancy, only has to
M> support one drive at a time. Groepaz, don't you have something like
M> this?

M> I'd rather not reinvent the wheel, if possible :)

yeah i got sth like this, but its currently somewhat messed up ;=P
(i'll upload all my stuff in a few days or sth though) ... mmmh prolly
raw sector read/write even works in the last oldish snapshot of mine
(check the ftp)

Best regards,

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