[cc65] raw disk access (was: cr/lf translation?)

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From: MagerValp (MagerValp_at_cling.gu.se)
Date: 2002-07-12 13:56:48

>>>>> "UvB" == Ullrich von Bassewitz <uz_at_musoftware.de> writes:

UvB> The string is passed "as a whole" from the scanner to the parser.
UvB> Since translation is sometimes needed and sometimes not (for
UvB> example, the asm() statements need an untranslated string), it
UvB> would be needed to keep track of the original form of each of the
UvB> characters in a string. While this would be doable, it needs a
UvB> lot of code and has almost no advantages, since the same thing
UvB> can be achieved by other means.

Yeah, it's not really a big deal, I was just surprised. And now for
something completely different: does anyone have code for raw disk
access? Something along the lines of dio.h for the Atari. I just need
to read and write raw tracks and sectors, nothing fancy, only has to
support one drive at a time. Groepaz, don't you have something like

I'd rather not reinvent the wheel, if possible :)

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