[cc65] Character set translation

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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (uz_at_musoftware.de)
Date: 2002-02-14 22:42:29

On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 10:06:00PM +0100, groepaz wrote:
> ok... just hacked some kind character test crap proggy.... while you
> are at it, add these .... :o)

These two are ok and I will add them:

> _      0x5f    0xaf
> |      0x7c    0x7d

But I'm not sure about the others. Is it really a good idea to map the
backslash to the forward slash, and some other characters to line drawing
characters? Please note that I'm not saying that it is a bad idea (I'm not
sure about it), I'm just trying not to be hasty.

For all those that don't have a PET table laying around:

> \      0x5c    0x2f (or 0x5f if 0x2f causes probs)

0x2F is the forward slash, 0x2F is the left arrow.

>       0x60    0x27

0x27 is a small dot in the middle of a character cell.

> {      0x7b    0xaa

0xAA is a vertical bar on the left side of the character cell.

> }      0x7d    0xb4

Same as 0xAA but on the right.

> ~      0x7e    0xa3

0xA3 is a horizontal bar at the top of the character cell.

Should I really use these mappings? More opinions?



Ullrich von Bassewitz                                  uz_at_musoftware.de
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