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From: groepaz (
Date: 2002-02-12 21:39:12

Hello Ullrich,

Tuesday, February 12, 2002, 7:34:55 PM, you wrote:

UvB> On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 04:47:43PM +0100, groepaz wrote:
>> mmmmh, dunno about that (nor do i really care :=P) but i took that
>> testsuite from some lcc-distribution .zip (jolze's 65816 port
>> actually) so i guess its under gpl aswell.....

UvB> Large parts of the authors web pages are currently unaccessible, but as far as
UvB> I remember lcc is not GPLed.

yeah right, just looked..... lcc itself comes with "Addison Wesley
licence" ..... as far as i can tell the only potential problem with
that could be, that someone wouldnt be allowed to take a substantial
part of the testsuite and use it as a substantial part of another,
_commercial_ product. (this would require an agreement from Addison
Wesley) ... however, the licence explicitly mentions lcc itself, its
not quite clear to me if it applies to the testsuite aswell (which
doesnt bring its own licence) - especially since i have seen parts of
the testsuite elsewhere (not in commercial products though).... also
some of the testsuite's programs have their own copyright stuff in
them....and others are very trivial programs, i could always claim to
have written them myself hehe ;=D

however, its still easy to remove/replace any offending code from the
testsuite if we ever feel like it..... there should be plenty of
testcode out there that isnt restricted.

>> however, since the testsuite is probably not interisting for most ppl
>> anyway (except taking its programs as examples for own work) it
>> shouldnt hurt to distribute it seperatly anyway.

UvB> It would be nice to make it part of the source package, so people working with
UvB> the compiler would be able to run the test suite.

yeah sure.... just ment that it wouldnt hurt to keep them in seperated
packages for example. (few ppl would actually care to run the tests i
guess and so would prefer a smaller download) .... it would probably
be closely related to the source-distribution though, right.

>> however, actually another project of mine is a retargetable debugger,
UvB> [..]
UvB> Operating system was Windows NT 4.0 (english version).

ooohhhh yesyesyes now you say it, i remember that particular
problem.... its fixed in my current version actually.... if you like i
can mail you my current exe and ini......

i have never tried this on win-nt/2000 though, so theres still a small
chance that it wont work there (i wouldnt expect those quirks you
mentioned though :o))

>> mmmh since my knowledge in programming any network stuff is less than
>> zero, some other guy gotta implement this :=P

UvB> TCP sockets are rather easy to do and they are more portable than named pipes
UvB> and similar stuff.

hehe well :o) i have no experience with any of these and "simelar
stuff" either - interaction with a program means "command line" to me
and nothing else :=)

>> now my question is, WHAT embedded hardware is that with a 6502 inside?

UvB> It depends. But I know definitely, that several people are using cc65 together
UvB> with embedded or home made hardware, some of them are actually on this list:-)

so you "some of them" ... let us (me hehe) know :o)

Best regards,

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