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From: Mike McCarty (
Date: 2001-06-25 21:29:48

Sent privately only, due to content.

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, groepaz wrote:

> Hello Mike,
> MM> Please point out in my message where I said there were.
> MM> If you choose to reply to messages, you should take the courtesy to
> MM> read them carefully in their context.
> MM> I replied to a question. The question was not
> MM>     What kinds of optimizations are appropriate for an assembler to 
> MM>     perform on hand-generated 65xx code?
> yeah you either understand that we aren't really discussing anything
> but 6510 on this list when it comes to assemblers and compilers or you
> play the hypocritic bollok and start some flame war incase someone
> tries to point out exactly that. oh my...

Not at all. If I had wanted to flame you, you can be sure you would
feel flamed. I can, off the top of my head, think of four synonyms for
"a person of reduced intellect". Since I didn't use any of those, I
neither think that you are, nor did I make any statements intended to
lean in that direction. Furthermore, I carefully worded that reply not
to be inflamatory.

YOU made a statement in public, pointing out a putative defect in one of
my messages. In my book, that is a step towards being a flame.

Furthermore, when you use the word "we", please make sure that you
speak for all involved. Uz and I have had several exchanges, not all of
which were in the public forum, about his compiler, compilers in
general, and the philosophy of compilers and assemblers. In that
particular context, especially, his question is perfectly natural and
interpretable in terms of a generic question. Since I consider myself a
part of this forum, and Uz seems to as well (though he and I do not
always see eye to eye), I suggest that your "we" is not as
all-inclusive as you may think. I don't recall you were voted as
"official keeper of the opinions of this mail echo."

If Uz thinks the question needs clarification, then I am sure he is
capable of doing so. He does not need your assistance.

I suggest that it would be better for the entire group if we restrained
ourselves from making personal comments on the echo. OTOH, if you
actually prefer it that way, then I shall reply in kind in public. For
the moment, I prefer to keep this private.

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