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From: shubel, paul (
Date: 2001-06-25 20:22:49

>The kinds of "optimizations" I have used with hand-coded assembler are
>those of selecting any of several equivalent instructions which take
>less space or use fewer bytes. An example of this is automatically
>selecting either "long" or "short" form jumps automatically, depending
>on how far away the destination is from the jump.

Hi Everyone,

I view this matter a little bit differently.

Instead I would design a super assembler (I think Atari did this) where you
put in what you want to do
, like shift so many times, then the super assembler spits out the optimal
assembly language for the purpose.
I think that this would be easier to implement than having an "optimizer"
reverse engineer your assembly code.
Microsoft MASM does this for the 8086.  They called it their "smart"


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