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From: troy silvey (
Date: 2001-02-27 04:46:28

>>However, neither of these is a good example, for a number of reasons.
>>For one, iteration works just as well.
>It's an example, not something to be used in programs. And iteration 
>for  fib(n) in 2 codelines to show how simple this could be done?
>A more realworld example would be listing/processing all files in 
>subdirectories. Or Quicksort (yes I know it's faster if you use 

Ahhhh... ha. Thanks to Marc and Mike. I have studied and understand
recursion in theory. I did not intend to use it here. As I was thinking
out this problem, my answer seemed a logical one even though I knew
it wasn't the best answer. While trying to solve 3 or 4 program  problems
at the same time, I just didn't relize the recursion I was doing.
Boy, hit that space bar enough times and I will be out of memory in
a few minutes probably. Thanks for the input and examples. I am 
going to work on another solution. 
I appreciate all the help from  every one. You'll have to pardon my
odd coding. Not only am I still trying to learn, but I am bent on 
making this first code as small and fast as I can for a C64. So it's
going to look odd I bet. Portability will be part of version 2.0  if I
get that far :)


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