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From: troy silvey (
Date: 2001-02-27 04:35:39

>This is nonportable. Are there definintions for, e.g. KEY_SPACE in 
>headers so your program would work on all supported platforms with only
>to recompile? If not - they should be.

This is all learning material for me. On this work I am not very worried
about portability.  I am going for the smallest C64 specific code. 
I'd like it to fit in a 16k rom cartrige when I'm done actually.
So far it about 8k at about 65% done.
If this were a more important project I would be working as you suggest,
on a very portable code. Once this works on the C64 as I plan, my
next learning project will be to rewrite it to compile on windows
(dos only maybe), linux and amiga. I know I still have a long way
to go. This code actually compiles without errors with VBC++ 6 and
CC65. I know of course that the C64 specific parts will have to be redone
some day to really be platform independant.


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