[cc65] odd results

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From: troy silvey (tbsilvey_at_juno.com)
Date: 2001-02-25 01:17:17

I have a small function that waits for user input
to move a sprite down a menu in my c64 prog.
The sprite moves and all works well, but.....
Here is a bit of the function.

if (more==60)  // keyboard input
        if (VIC.spr0_y>162) // sprite location upper limit
                 VIC.spr0_y=106; // limit reached, reset sprite
                 menupointer=0;  // reset the position counter	
        VIC.spr0_y=VIC.spr0_y+4; // sprite menu move
        VIC.spr0_y=VIC.spr0_y+4; // THIS IS MY PROB FIX
        ++menupointer; // inc position counter
        if (menupointer>7) // end of menu?, then reset

If I use  VIC.spr0_y=VIC.spr0_y+8;  the sprite disapears from
the screen never to be seen again. If I split the movement 
into two 4 pixel moves, then it works fine. My fix works ok,
but I thought this might be an interesting problem
to think about.


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