Re: [cc65] scanf ?

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From: troy silvey (
Date: 2001-02-23 22:56:48

>The 8K number for scanf is just an estimate for a first version 
>written completely in C. It's based on the fact that scanf is even more 
>complex than printf. But it's an estimate and it may be wrong. It may
also be 
>possible to get lower numbers by size optimizations or a rewrite in
assembler, but 
>I won't do that for the first version. It is usually easier to rewrite 
>existing C code in assembler, than to write it in assembler from

I appreciate the effort. For now I am happy to use getchar and I am
happy with the executable size. If it's possible to add scanf at a 
small price in size that would be nice. But since we are coding
for native systems like the C64 that only have about 40k
immediatly available (more with tweeking) I think you made the
right choice going with the smaller choices. I think for curiosity
I will try to rewrite my code using putchar instead of printf and
see how that effects the size and speed.


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