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From: Ullrich von Bassewitz (
Date: 1999-05-13 22:45:08

Today I've added several new things to the current snapshot. I don't know
how many people actually use the snapshot version. If you do, I would be
happy to get some feedback for the new stuff.

1. There is now a port of Craig Bruces swiftlink library. The port is not
   very well tested, however, I was able to connect to my Linux box using
   a small C program running on a C64 equipped with a swiftlink. See the
   new header file rs232.h for more information. Please note that you need
   version 1.0 when using this module with VICE, since older versions had
   a bug in the code that emulates the 6551 chip.

2. I've started to write a module supporting the Commodore 1351 mouse.
   This is completely untested, but maybe someone wants to have a look at

3. I have added a new compile and link utility named cl65. This utility
   combines many of the steps needed to build executables with the
   compiler, has some better defaults and tries to be smart about other
   things. As an example, translating the morse trainer software, which
   consists of one C file (morse.c) and one assembler file (irq.s) will
   need the following separate steps to compile into an executable named

	cc65 -g -Oi -t c64 morse.c
	ca65 -g morse.s
	ca65 -g irq.s
	ld65 -t c64 -o morse c64.o morse.o irq.o c64.lib

  When using cl65, this is simplified to

  	cl65 -g -Oi morse.c irq.s

  There is a documentation file named cl65.txt describing the features in
  more detail. Translation under DOS/Windows is currently untested (my
  development platform is Linux), but this shouldn't be a big problem and
  I will provide a DOS/Windows makefile for the Watcom compiler in the
  next few days.



Ullrich von Bassewitz                        
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