Re: [cc65] Compiler: Should xvsnprintf() work?

From: Christian Krüger <>
Date: 2013-03-24 00:09:15

Am 23.03.2013 23:39, schrieb Ullrich von Bassewitz:
> Since you're not getting the error from 3., and you're not using one of the
> compilers from 2., only 1. can be true. And if this doesn't work, then the
> va_copy that comes with your compiler must be broken.

sorry for the noise, but just one big bell rang. When I first tried to 
port the compiler to MSVC10 (4 weeks ago), I got the 'no va_copy' 
message and fixed that by copying the WATCOM defintion without thinking 
about it further. Continuing today without that in mind doesn't seem to 
be a good idea.

I've added now:

#if defined(_MSC_VER)
#define va_copy(dest, src)  dest = src

which does the correct job.

Just learned three things:
1. MSVC is one more time away from the standard.
2. Interrupting a task can be even more worse than you think.
3. Some retired maintainers may provide a much better support than even 
no retired ones!

Thank you very much!

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