[cc65] Sprites

From: Michał Pleban <lists1michau.name>
Date: 2013-03-21 12:54:27

I am struggling with the idea of sprites in a CC65 program (for the C64).

Basically, since the default screen location is still at $0400, you
would need to put sprites below $4000. But if your program is big
enough, its code and/or data can easily fill up that space.

So it would be better that the sprite data was put somewhere in the code
segment, but with the proviso that it is aligned on a 64 byte boundary,
because otherwise the VIC would not be able to display it. I saw in the
sample programs a method of defining different segments and their
locations in a .cfg file, so maybe there could be a way to define a
special, aligned segment with the sprites? Or is there another way to
ensure that the sprite data is properly aligned?

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