Re: [cc65] Closing down - FP support?

From: Luke Coletti <>
Date: 2013-03-19 23:09:48

On Mar 18, 2013, at 11:38 AM, "Andreas Rückert" <> wrote:

> I think the parser already recognizes float as a type? At least I've
> found the keywords in the sources.

I'm not sure, perhaps Uz could answer that?

> There's a nice reference implementation here:
> , that could be used, if cc65 would generate code for the basic
> float operations?

That is an interesting resource, I've found a paper (URL below) that briefly describes the porting of the SoftFloat library to a 6502 core implemented on an FPGA (see appendix - again it's brief but the code is available).

Thanks for mentioning SoftFloat Andreas. Uz, have you ever evaluated SoftFloat as a possible implementation candidate for cc65?

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