[cc65] CC65 programs for C64 - BASIC required?

From: Michał Pleban <lists1michau.name>
Date: 2013-03-19 15:04:20

I am writing a program in CC65 for my kernal board for C64. The board
will provide a possibility to program a kernal image into a Flash chip,
therefore eliminating the need to open the computer to change the kernal.

For simplicity, I an writing this program in CC65. The program will be
loaded from ROM to RAM starting from $0801, and then executed (it cannot
be run from ROM anyway, since it will be reflashing the ROM).

I read in the documentation that C programs generated by CC65 run with
BASIC ROM mapped out to take full advantage of RAM up to $CFFF. That is
very fine with me. However, I would like to know whether the C library
startup routines use the BASIC ROM in any way prior to mapping it out?
Because if they do, I might have a problem since this BASIC ROM may be
unavailable when I start the program.


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