Re: [cc65] Closing down

From: Greg King <>
Date: 2013-03-18 22:14:48
From: silverdr; on Monday, March 18, 2013; at 8:20 AM -0400
> On 2013-03-17, at 23:22, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
>> Apart from all the other stuff, let me note one thing: There have been
>> quite a few postings talking about choosing the right hoster for
>> sources. While this is, of course, a decision to make, it is a solution
>> for a nonexistent problem. What actually is needed are people devoted to
>> the project. People who implement features, fix errors, write
>> documentation. Just moving the sources to github or whatever won't have
>> any positive effects on cc65 development, at all.
> Uz, while I, of course, agree that without people committed to moving
> the project further on, there won't be much of the positive effects
> you refer to -- I still would look at things from the other side:
> - ....
> - Is moving the project to a well-established development platform
>   something that might harm the project? My best guess is, again, "no".
> - Does it make it easier for potential successors to step-in?
>   This time, my best guess is "yes".

It would make it easier for me to contribute to the project.  One of the
reasons why I didn't volunteer to be a manager is that I remember one of
Uz's security requirements for write-access to the repository.

I don't have a static IP address.  But, it wouldn't be a problem on a 
public open-source developement site.

> - ....
> Since we probably won't have even a "good enough" replacement for you
> anytime soon, my suggestion is to do what we can during that time
> to make it more effective later. This is not meant as a solution
> to the problem of stagnation in the project. At least, I didn't mean it
> that way. It is what I'd call a relatively good use of the time we have
> now.
>> At least, that's my opinion as a "no longer maintainer".  :-)
> At least that's my opinion as a "never maintainer [of this project]". :-)

That's my opinion as a "rabid" developer of stuff in the project.

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