Re: [cc65] Closing down - FP support?

From: LJ Coletti <>
Date: 2013-03-18 18:12:08
Greetings Uz,

Well, I had just registered for the CC65 mailing list and guess what my 
first message (below) was? Arghhhh!!!

First, I do want to join in and thank you for your tireless efforts in 
supporting these tools for the 6502.

I had joined the list hoping to get some info on floating-point support 
for CC65 on the Atari (non-2600) 8 bit machines, e.g., 800XL, etc... I 
found in your Wiki roadmap that this was a goal (URL below) for CC65. I 
also found a lot of list threads on the net that discussed 
implementation issues.

The project I have in mind will require FP. A semi-exhaustive search 
didn't turn up much, except for FP65 (URL below), which apparently was 
supported in the original CC65 release(s)?

I downloaded the fp65.arc file and after making the files UNIX (OSX 
actually - the CC65 package compiles perfectly under Lion 10.7.5) I find 
that the actual library source is missing. I have no idea if it would 
even be compatible with the current version of CC65 but it was the only 
thing I could find so I gave it a shot.

My question, do you have any ideas for implementing FP support for CC65 
on the Atari (presumably using the FP routines in ROM and BASIC - or 
not?) that is compatible with the current version of CC65 

Many thanks...

Luke Coletti

On 3/17/13 5:31 AM, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:
> Hi!
> After some mulling I have decided to terminate my work on cc65. I'm sorry if
> this causes inconveniences.
> Provided that it is not too much hassle for me, I will keep up the cc65
> resources for reference. This means that:
>    * ... the web page will stay up but I will attach a note that no further
>          development will happen.
>    * ... the mailing list will stay active as long as there is some interest
>          and people would like to discuss cc65 issues here.
>    * ... the Wiki will stay up for now, but may close some time in the future,
>          since it needs regular maintenance for security reasons.
>    * ... the subversion repository is currently undecided. It's not much work
>          to keep it up, I will probably keep it for now, but it may close done
>          at some point in the future. Don't know about the developer accounts
>          however.
>    * ... the FTP server is still active, but I will terminate the cron job
>          that builds the snapshot.
> If someone wants to take over, please step forward. Beware: I've seen more
> than one time people taking over a project and then fail once they were
> exhausted from exchanging all the copyright messages:-) If someone takes over,
> I would of course be happy if this won't happen with cc65. If someone wants to
> take over development, I can offer to host some or all of the resources. As
> said above, the only thing that is some work from time to time is the Wiki.
> Regards
>          Uz
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