Re: [cc65] .macro related error

From: <>
Date: 2013-03-17 22:55:56
On 2013-03-17, at 22:44, Ullrich von Bassewitz wrote:

>> But when I invoke the same macro without parentheses, it seem to compile
>> fine. What is the problem with parentheses here? Or is it the combination
>> with .enum? causing troubles?
> .macro doesn't use parenthesis for parameters. So what happens is that
> "(LOADING_DRIVERS" is passed as first and "msg_status_loading_drivers)" as
> second argument. After replacement, you get stuff like
>        ldx     #(LOADING_DRIVERS
> which leads to the "`)' expected" error message.

I see. Thank you for explaining!

> Just leave of the parens and you're fine.

Funny enough I always used them so far. I only started digging the docs when I encountered this behaviour.

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