RE: [cc65] Re: readdir bug

From: Shawn Jefferson <>
Date: 2012-09-24 01:52:39
> From: [] On Behalf
> Of Daniel Serpell
> I tested your program in various DOS versions:
> - DOS 2.0 : only two first entries shown
> - DOS 2.5 : only two first entries shown
> - DOSXL 2.3 : only two first entries shown
> - MyDOS 4.5: full list
> - BwDOS 1.3: full list
> - SpartaDOS X 4.21: full list

I've been looking at this today, and can't really figure out why this would
be the case.  AtariDos and MyDOS has by default, 3 concurrent open files,
but even if you increase this value (by poking, say 5 into $709 [1801], it
still doesn't change the behaviour of the program as you'd expect it to if
the problem was the open file limit.)

And that also doesn't explain why MyDOS works fine, but AtariDOS does not.
I suspect there is some bug/false assumption in the way that IOCBs are
handled by cc65 under AtariDOS.

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