Re: [cc65] Re: readdir bug

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2012-09-20 10:13:54

@ Shawn, @ Daniel: Thank you very much for your support !

Presuming that incompatibility to Atari DOS 2.5 is no option this result means:

As long as there's no workaround found for Atari DOS 2.5 that allows
to "reinitialize" the directory read process after opening (and
closing) a file than for this target it is necessary that the
application takes care of the issue (by buffering the directory
results and doing the file i/o later).

And at least from my perspective this means that there's no point in a
workaround for the CBM DOS as a cross-target program needs to take
care of the issue itself anyway...

Just my two cents,

P.S.: It's really a pitty that the Apple II seems to be the only
machine where one can presume that the typical user stepped up from
the "original" DOS (here DOS 3.2/3.3) to THE "more useful" DOS (here
ProDOS 8) - and not to "lots of" different incompatible DOSes like it
seems on the C64.
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