Re: [cc65] Atari Extended Memory Driver Anybody?

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2012-09-10 14:03:52
Hi Uz,

>> At the least it shows MULTDEMO run the way it should... loading different
>> drivers and picking one that works.  Speaking of MULTDEMO, does it only
>> check a certain number of files in a directory (doesn't seem to, looking at
>> the code, so maybe it's readdir that does this?)
> There are still problems with the directory routines I haven't looked into.
> One seems to be that only a certain number of file entries are read. This
> should get fixed in the future.

If I'm not mistaken then we're talking here about the Atari - and the
Atari readdir() implementation doesn't share anything with the CBM
readdir() implementation. So it seems to me that both implementations
coincidentally share the same bug. Or am I on the wrong track here?

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