[cc65] Permanent & Temporary Reservation of Memory

From: Michael Bazzinotti <mbazzinotti1gmail.com>
Date: 2012-09-09 00:23:35

My question relates to permanent and temporary reservation of memory.
(for symbols).

What I want, in a gist
So i want to Temporarily reserve memory, unlike .RES which seems to
permanently reserve space in the segment (even across separate source
files, which is actually great for permanent reservation) But that's
not always what I want.

Automatically Temporarily Reserving portions of memory
This would be useful for sections of code / source files, that use a
chunk of memory, but are no longer needed after the whole section is
finished executing.

When I say temporary reservation, I suppose I mean temporary symbol
dubbing, as I am using .RES currently as a way to automatically
provide addresses for my ram symbols. But I want smarts so that i can
also release some of the addresses these symbols relate to, so they
can be reused later on!

But is there a way to automatically name/reserve portions of memory
and release these names so that further allocations will reuse these
released addresses????

basically looking for automated memory management. so that when I
create new symbols they can automatically map to free parts  of the
specified ram segment. and used parts of the segment can be made free
again later, etc for later reservation, etc.

I appreciate the help everyone :)
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