[cc65] ca65 Users Guide Errors?

From: Michael Bazzinotti <mbazzinotti1gmail.com>
Date: 2012-08-30 18:01:33
Hi everyone, I am switching from WLA DX to CA65 for 65816 programming ^__^
Anyways, I have been reading up on the ca65 documentation, and I think
I am spotting some needed corrections. I also have a question on C
Macros. Please take a look at the following sections with me.

12.6 .LOCAL
Look at the last macro in this section:

The comment says that label Skip: is not visible outside. However, the
doc explans one of the purposes to using .local over .proc is so that
these labels will be visible outside. Therefore, I think this is a
typo, and in actuality, Skip: is visible outside.

11.48 .IFBLANK
2nd paragraph

I quote:
...Since an empty macro parameter will evaluate to nothing, the
condition will evaluate to FALSE if an empty parameter was given.

This appears to be copied directly from .ifnblank section, without
modification (and therefore incorrect).
Shouldn't the doc say that the condition will evaluate to TRUE if an
empty parameter was given????

12.7 C Macros
End of 12.7 I have a question.
I quote:
Beware: Since the assembler cannot detect the end of one parameter,
only the first token is used. If you don't like that, use classic
macros instead:

         .macro  message
                .out    message

1st question: How is .macro working correctly?? Its name is message,
but there is no parameter message??? so if i call it.. how does it
work correctly????

2nd question: If the assembler cannot detect the end of one parameter
in C macros, how does it detect > 1 parameter?? and by saying only the
first token is used, does that mean if my parameter is "message", the
only the "m" is used???

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