Re: [cc65] Uniform mass storage device discovery and file locations

From: <>
Date: 2012-08-17 12:16:15
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Oliver Schmidt <> wrote:

>So far I understand that there is by no means a prepared list of
>devices currently present. One could however "check" the device
>numbers 7-31 for presence.

Actually /above/ #7, meaning 8-31

>There were two hints into this direction:
>> just check with a simple LISTEN/SECLISTN/UNLISTEN or
>> similar that a device is there
>> Each successfully open device above #7 is a potential mass storage
>device. Further identification can be done by sending UI command and
>parsing returned string.
>Could please somebode elaborate on this for a non-CBMer? Do they both
>mean the same?

More or less the same. 

>Again: Ideally this would be a two step process:
>a) Check if the device is present

>b) Check if a (formatted, usable) disk is in the devie.

I wouldn't do this at this stage. Finding its presence on the bus should be enough. Checking for a working volume takes time and has "side effects" when there is none.  I would say that lack of a working volume will anyway pop out as error once an operation is requested. So I would postpone this step until actually logging in the volume or other read / write request. 

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