Re: [cc65] Atari Extended Memory Driver Anybody?

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2012-08-12 12:37:30

> I've implemented this idea and have some working code for everything except
> copyfrom/copyto right now.

That was fast, man !

> However, I've never built a loadable driver... or used them in any way. I'll
> have to look into doing that to see if it works completely as a loadable
> driver.

Regarding the build: You can just copy&paste from any existing driver.
There's nothing target-specific in there at all.

Regarding the usage: You can try samples\multidemo. Put the main
binary, the four overlay files and your .emd file onto a (virtual)

> After this is done, I can use the same framework for a RAM under the OS
> driver, among others:

Maybe you can/want to do the same done with Atari TGI drivers: Some
core code re-used to build a whole bunch of .tgi files...

> - SpartaDOS aware driver that can check with RAM banks are available for use
> for instance
> - VBXE RAM driver

Although not strictly necessary to is always desirable that the driver
can detect if the RAM in question is actually available - and fail to
initialize if not. Then it can be used like in multidemo which tries
to load several drivers until one loads successfully.

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