Re: [cc65] Common macros for dirent.d_type

From: <>
Date: 2012-07-06 22:18:54
On 2012-07-06, at 18:50, A. Fachat wrote:

> 1) on secondary address 0 and 1 - for LOAD and SAVE respectively - the drive 
> selects PRG files. Those are supposed to be used for executables.

And generally are supposed to be LOADed, even if they happen not to be executables.

> On any other 
> secondary address (i.e. >= 2) the drive by default uses SEQ.
> Just try an OPEN 1,8,2,"NAME,W" - it will create a SEQ file,

Which are supposed to be read sequentially.

> [...] So I am wondering why a C program actually needs a default file type at all.

IMHO it doesn't. But it needs the file to be stored on disk somehow. And we talk about how to store the file on disk.

> Just use IEC secondary addresses 2 or greater, then the drive will create SEQ 
> files.


> Or let the user add a ",P" or ",U" to the file name to get specific file types.

He can do it always. The question was/is (?) what to use if the user does not specify the filetype. In other words whether to force it to be USR as it was before or leave it as SEQ or to switch to PRG as one person strongly advocates ;-)

> Of course someone has mentioned existing programs using PRG files. I am 
> wondering what they are.

Some demos, games, some utilities. Programs that want to LOAD the content of their files in one shot.

> I know assemblers and compilers create
> PRG files of course,

As final output, yes. But editors for those assemblers and compilers - not necessarily. True - some did. Some not.

> but any program that does data processing should (IMHO) 
> stay away from SEQ files, to avoid accidential loading.

You meant PRG files, didn't you? ;-)

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