Re: [cc65] Common macros for dirent.d_type

From: <>
Date: 2012-07-05 13:07:44
On 2012-07-04, at 23:19, Groepaz wrote:

>>> S -> SEQ, P -> PRG, U -> USR
>> Hm, now I'm really lost :-(
>> - Uz has set the default to 's' and that seemed fine with you - od did
>> I get that wrong?
> you got that wrong, although SEQ is slightly more common than USR :=)

I agree USR was quite a bad choice. Most use of USR files outside of cc65 I recall was to pimp up the directory listings ;-)

SEQ OTOH is IMHO a reasonable choice for sequential data files, files that are OPEN() and READ()/WRITE(n) rather than LOAD(ed)/SAVE(d). PRG can be done in almost the same way but the small advantage of SEQ over PRG lies IMHO in the clear distinction between LOADable and sequential data files in the directory listing. Whenever the user encounters a SEQ file, he immediately knows that there is no point of trying to LOAD that file. Whereas with PRG he may try to check them losing time and potentially crashing the machine on the read due to invalid load address at the beginning. And with SEQ there is under no circumstances a need to proved the extra two bytes of load address at the beginning..

> i would assume that whoever doesnt know cc65 and who uses it first time to 
> create a file, would expect it to come out as PRG. yes. i really dont 
> understand why do it differently than eg BASIC here and resuse the behaviour 
> everyone is familiar with already.

I would say for the reasons above but if those are cogent enough for you is a different question ;-)


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