Re: [cc65] Common macros for dirent.d_type

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2012-07-04 23:01:33
On Wednesday 04 July 2012, you wrote:
> Sorry, but just some simple questions:
> - I think I understood from your discussion that both USR and PRG
> files can be read successfully without fiddling with '_filetype' -
> correct?

unless different files with the same name but different type are on the same 
disk, i guess thats true. i have changed the default to PRG since ages (and 
never used other filetypes), so i cant tell for sure =)

> - So the question is what type of file is created on writing a file.
> What does 'S' do? From what I understand here it creates PRG files.
> But what's the difference to 'P' then?

S -> SEQ, P -> PRG, U -> USR

and there is no difference with using these, except the filetype in the 
directory is different. (its really just a single byte :)) the internal 
structure is exactly the same. as said before, it doesnt really matter if you 
stay in cc65 universe - it matters when you break out and want to create files 
that other existing programs can deal with (which are in the vast majority prg 

> - What happens if a file already exists? Is the filetype preserved on
> "overwriting" the file?
> I need to understand this specifically because my Contiki disks so far
> depend on the 'contiki.cfg' file being _not_ PRG. What do I need to
> set '_filetype' to in order to get the previous behaviour?

generally i want to answer this question like this: its a bad idea to 
overwrite a file, you should first delete it (using the dos "scratch" command) 
and then write it again. if you dont do that you might trigger the "save-with-
replace bug" and eventually destroy the disk in the process (ie, lose data)

as for the original question - its preserved as far as i know :)

> > i would even say that by making it prg, you will 100%
> > eliminate any "how do i change the default filetype" questions
> My section above already proves this claim to be wrong on the very first
> day!

no - for you the question only arises because you - for whatever reason - used 
a different filetype before. again, it doesnt matter at all inside cc65 world, 
you can use whatever you want there with no drawbacks at all.


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dem Staat! 

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