Re: [cc65] Common macros for dirent.d_type

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2012-06-25 17:47:53
On Monday 25 June 2012, you wrote:
> Hi Karri,
> > The d_type field is just a filler to make a directory entry 8 bytes. It
> > can contain anything. Usually it is zero. A creative programmer can use
> > this byte for something.
> I see. From my perspective this means that there's nothing to do at all:
> Code caring about cross-target needs to check for the existence of _D_ISxxx
> macros anyway because if they don't exsist then the d_type field might not
> exist at all. At least that's how I see it...

i personally hate this way of library design. instead of defining some macros 
(that eventually do nothing, or return 0) for every target, you then end up 
with ifdef hell in every program. this is a perfect example for that kind of 
thing infact, defining the macros doesnt hurt anyone and has zero drawbacks.


Fortschritt ist wie eine Horde Schweine. Beides hat viel Gutes, aber man darf 
sich nicht wundern, dass alles voller Scheisse ist.

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