[cc65] Re: Secondary Linker Config for C64 Overlays (was: Specifying segment for library code?)

From: Oliver Schmidt <ol.sc1web.de>
Date: 2012-06-24 23:30:06

> Because you added the "%o.ovl" feature to the linker I asked you for
> > and I commited to create generic overlay linker configs for the CBMs,
> > Apple and Atatri using it instead of the "fixed" example. But I didn't
> > do so by now :-(
> Okay, I just added a secondary linker config for overlays on the C64
> called 'c64-overlay.cfg' following the "single linker session"
> approach. Additionally I added an 'overlaydemo.c' sample program
> showing how to use it.
> Remarks:
> - Docs are missing so far
> - Other targets are missing (at least the Apple2 will follow pretty soon)

I added overlay linker configs for the Apple2 and the Atari so the demo
program now runs unaltered on three targets.

I'm however unsure about what/where to document. Maybe someone else is
willing to help here...


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