Re: [cc65] Odd problems creating a new target.

From: Oliver Schmidt <>
Date: 2012-06-23 11:05:24

> Someone actively working on a new cc65 target is certainly entitled to
>> send messages to this list - be they trivial or not! At least in my
>> opinion...
> Ha!  You may regret saying that. ;)

At least not yet.

> I've come upon another head-scratcher, which makes me think I have my C
> stack set up wrongly somehow.

 I don't think so. I checked that already last time:

  RAM: start =  $500, size = $FA00, type = rw, define = yes;


  LDA #<(__RAM_START__ + __RAM_SIZE__)
  STA sp
  LDA #>(__RAM_START__ + __RAM_SIZE__)
  STA sp+1 supposed to set your software stack to $FF00. From there it grows
downwards. I presume you already read the (somewhat outdated)


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