[cc65] cgetc() and repeating keys

From: Payton Byrd <plbyrd1gmail.com>
Date: 2012-06-07 20:09:37
Is there a way to get cgetc() to repeat keys without having to lift your
finger off the keyboard and retyping the key?  I would assume that the
routine just gets the next key from the keyboard buffer, thus leaving the
kernal to fill the keyboard buffer, but I suspect that instead it is
reading the keyboard directly and only returning if the keyboard's state
changes.  Am I in the ballpark here?  If so, is there a chance that cgetc()
could be updated with timer code that if the keyboard is pressed, but the
same key is being held down that it will return that key after a period of
time?  It could use the same repeat speed as the kernal.

Payton Byrd

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