Re: [cc65] Secondary Linker Config for C64 Overlays (was: Specifying segment for library code?)

From: Groepaz <>
Date: 2012-06-04 02:59:45
On Sunday 03 June 2012, you wrote:
> As the linker config can't "know" how many overlays are desired it
> just assumes 9 overlays and produces files "%O.1" ... "%O.9". The
> corresponding segments are optional but all nine output files are
> always generated. I personally would like to see ld65 to create only
> non-empty files.
> However I presume that there are specific reasons for ld65
> creating/keeping empty files. In that case maybe an 'optional'
> attribute for memory areas would make sense...

at this point: one thing that would have saved me some trouble in the past: an 
option for the linker that makes it output c-header and asm-include files that 
contain prototypes/references to all functions in a certain segment. right now 
you can only do that with quite a bit of search/replace magic scripting, which 
is somewhat annoying (and errorprone).


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