Re: [cc65] fwrite disk full detection

From: Johan Kotlinski <>
Date: 2012-04-22 21:23:08
>> I was a bit surprised now that fwrite does not detect disk full. I.e.,
> It is probably a bug.
> Does anybody know how the disks on the serial bus flag a "disk full"
> condition? Or other errors? fwrite uses write which in turn uses BSOUT. Errors
> are checked by looking at the carry flag on return from BSOUT. This might be
> wrong - cbm_write checks the result of READST instead.

On investigation, cbm_write seems to detect the problem and returns -1
on disk full. So it is probably a bug in fwrite.

Thanks for the other fix! I am trying to finish some project here, but
will upgrade after that :)

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